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Reupholstering Services in Jersey City, New Jersey

Say goodbye to dull, outdated furniture with help from the furniture reupholstering team at J. Jammal Reupholstering and Decor. To discuss the details of your next project, contact us today to talk to a helpful member of our team
Furniture Reupholstering & Restoration
With our furniture reupholstering services, we make your furniture look even better than it did the day it was created. We use high-end fabrics and unique stitching patterns to make your furniture look brand new again. Reupholstering services generally take about 2 to 3 weeks, but the quality is definitely worth the wait.
Design Consultations
Our designers will travel to your business or home to provide an on-site review of your furniture items. We will assist you and guide you in the right direction as you choose fabrics and patterns for your furniture. All design work is 100% custom.
Commercial Furniture Reupholstering
We specialize in providing reupholstering work for restaurants, doctor's offices, hotel lobbies, hospitals, and any other type of business under the sun.

We will reupholster your furniture to make your business or waiting room look inviting, comfortable, and relaxing to your clients.
Why Reupholster Your Furniture?
Our furniture reupholstering services are a great way to give your furniture items an extra artistic and decorative touch. Plus, our services will add an additional 10 to 15 years to the life of your furniture.
White Antique Chair - Furniture restoration in Jersey City, NJ
White Sofa - Furniture restoration in Jersey City, NJ
White Couch - Furniture restoration in Jersey City, NJ
Give your furniture a brand-new appeal with our reupholstering services in Jersey City, New Jersey.